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Best Solid Brush Cleanser – Japonesque


Yes, it’s a chore, but keeping your makeup brushes and sponges clean is a non-negotiable side effect of being a beauty junkie. Brushes used regularly should be washed at least once a week—especially face brushes, especially if you’re acne-prone.

Beauty sponges, on the other hand—why aren’t you washing yours every day? I cringe so hard when I see janky, foundation-soaked beauty blenders in YouTube tutorials. Yuck! You run it under water every day anyway. Why not add some soap to the mix and keep it in the best shape?

One of the products that has helped me keep my brushes and sponges looking brand new is the Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser ($25 CAD). I have repurchased this product three times now—after trying both the beautyblender beautycleanser Solid ($22 CAD) and the Sephora Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner ($17 CAD), it’s my preferred brush cleanser.

After using the beautyblender and Sephora brand cleansers, I realized that the thing I loved about them most was that they were… solid brush cleansers. The formulas weren’t anything special—I just loved how easy it was to get my beautyblender clean every morning without having to blast through my facial cleanser or DIY an oil-and-soap mixture. The soap didn’t slide around in the container, and it was tidy, travel-friendly, and convenient. I was curious to see what other solid cleansers were out there.

I came across the Japonesque cleanser by searching “solid brush cleanser” on Amazon.ca. The product claims to:

Maintain the beauty of your brushes with Japonesque’s gentle goat-milk cleansing balm. Effective emollient formula quickly dissolves make-up and impurities to deep cleanse and condition your brush bristles for effortless professional brush cleaning. Freshly scented solid formula delivers instant mess-free results and is the perfect travel-friendly cleansing companion.

The first thing I noticed on the product page is that this cleanser is double the size of the other two I tried, but only a few dollars more. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

Where to Purchase in Canada

Canadians can purchase the Japonesque brand from a number of online retailers, but the only place I found that reliably has the brush cleanser in stock is Amazon (other online retailers seem to only carry their brush line, and I’ve never seen the brand at an IRL store). Nail Polish Canada, which is my go-to source for Z-Palettes and Sigma brushes, appears to sell the Japonesque cleanser for just $16 but has been out of stock for at least six months (I signed up for email notifications but have never received a restock notice).

On Amazon, Japonesque items are eligible for free shipping on orders over $25, which is annoying since the brush cleanser is $24. You could browse around and find a tiny add-on, but I decided to bite the bullet and pay the $4-something for shipping. The cleanser arrived within a few days. (When I repurchased, I bought two).

Cleansing Efficacy

I don’t have a lot to say here—the cleanser works.

To clean my beautyblender, I squeeze it a few times under warm water. Then, I swipe it over the solid cleanser while rotating the sponge to ensure each side is covered in soap. I’ll squeeze a few times under the water and repeat the process until there are no more foundation stains on my sponge.

The cleanser is equally effective on brushes. If you’ve ever purchased the Sephora solid cleanser, I hope you still have the silicone nubbly thingy! I held on to mine, and it sticks inside the lid of my Japonesque cleanser. It’s perfect for massaging the product out of dense brushes. (It’s also not necessary—you could use your hands, a textured silicone trivet, or any other cleansing pad… But just to be clear, the Japonesque cleanser does not come with any kind of silicone pad; the pink one shown came with the Sephora brand solid cleanser.)


With daily use for my beautyblender, and weekly use for some of my regular rotation face brushes, this 2 oz. cleanser lasted me almost three months.

The Verdict

So worth it! The Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser might be tricky to get if you’re not into online shopping, but if it’s easy for you to grab something from Amazon or Nail Polish Canada, I highly recommend this. Having a cleanser like this near your sink makes it so easy to maintain your beauty tools.

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