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Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Mist

Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Mist

One of my favourite places to browse for beauty and wellness is Urban Outfitters. They always stock unique brands that I’ve either never heard of or seen in person, and the displays always convey such a serene, relaxed mood. Bath teas and salts, masks, aromatherapy—perusing the displays is a lovely reminder to take time for yourself; to settle down and unwind.

On my last visit to UO, the Happy Spritz bottles really captured my attention. There was a small range of aromatherapy mists, and I decided to pick up Sweet. Dreams. Darling. I didn’t even smell it in the store. The packaging was striking, the price was reasonable ($28 CAD), if you are a mist I will buy you, etc.

Vancouver-based Happy Spritz crafts sustainable, small batch aromatherapy mists for people and pets. Their frosted amber glass bottles help to preserve the ingredients; they don’t use synthetic preservatives, alcohol, parabens, SLS (would there normally be SLS in an aromatherapy mist? I don’t know), or phthalates. Their products are also 100% vegan. Another bonus? A portion of their proceeds go toward various animal rescue organizations and initiatives.

Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Mist Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Mist

Each spray features large type on the label that cheekily implies what the spray should be used for. This takes all of the guesswork out of aromatherapy. Sure, it might be common knowledge that chamomile is good for restfulness, and that citrus is revitalizing. But naming the spray after the result one can expect is extremely effective. Usually shopping for essential oils requires a lot of reading and cross referencing before choosing a blend. And in my case, information overload can lead to indecision.

With the Happy Spritz display, the packaging says it all. One glance of the label—Sweet. Dreams. Darling.—and I was already imagining spritzing my pillow before turning in for the night, which is exactly how I’ve used this spray each evening since I purchased it. The primary essential oils in this blend are lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang, but there is also a warm, vanilla-ish undertone that feels very soothing.

Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Mist

I’ve always thought it a bit silly to review fragrance online. What can I do except tell you it smells good and you should try it yourself?

It smells good. You should try it yourself.



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