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May Favourites

How can it be that a month has already passed since my first post on Plateau Beauty? May zipped by, that’s for sure, but it’s been an exciting mix of warm weather, long weekends, and new ventures. I can’t complain.

This month’s favourites features a mix of new, new-to-me, and rediscovered products.

Let’s jump in!

Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation Fluid, Euphoric RG20, $55 CAD

Skin finish foundations are essential for me. I would rather compromise coverage than texture, which is why I prefer BB creams and tinted moisturizers for my base, even when I have blemishes and pigmentation to worry about.

When I can benefit from extra coverage and still get an amazing, natural finish, I’m sold. This argan oil infused foundation from Josie Maran delivers on the skin finish, and offers about a medium coverage—definitely more than I’d get with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. It wears all day but can transfer if you don’t set it. I had the best results applying with my beautyblender.

This foundation is fragrance-free, and comes in 14 shades.

(I tried mixing this with my CoverFX Custom Cover Drops and the results were very unfortunate, but I suspect this sheers out nicely with a drop of oil if you’re looking for something more versatile.)


Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, $22 CAD (found at Urban Outfitters)

My jaw dropped when I last visited Urban Outfitters on Queen Street West. They had a huge display of Mario Badescu products, including items I had never seen on the UO website before like this Glycolic Acid Toner.

This toner appealed to me because it’s a light formula with 2% glycolic acid. Stronger AHAs (and especially glycolic acids) tend to irritate my skin, even with regular use.

The immediate downside of this product is both the colour and fragrance. Sure, it looks great in the bottle, but there are a lot of unnecessary and potentially irritating ingredients here. Further, the label instructs to use this morning and night—I don’t recommend using any kind of AHA products in the morning but if you insist, be sure to wear a full spectrum sunscreen over top.

I was cautious using this product because of my sensitive skin, but this toner has been extremely effective for me. After two weeks of use, my skin appears brighter and smoother. A patch of acne scarring on my cheek seems to be softened—a problem area that I’ve been using AHA products to treat. Perhaps it is a combination of both the gentle exfoliating and moisturizing properties of this toner. Either way, I’m pleased with its performance, and the price per ounce is extremely reasonable.


NYX Dark Circle Concealer, Light, $8 CAD

I’ve had this product for quite a long time, but never used it much. I have dark, veiny eyelids, and the discolouration has always been tricky to cover. I’ve tried peach correctors before, including this one, but could never avoid the creasing and setting with powder always made it worse.

I think a lot of us make the same common mistake with cream and liquid products—we use too much. I decided to try this again using far less product, and I was amazed at how well it still covered.

still don’t love this for undereyes, since I have quite a lot of lines and every product creases on me, but this has been very effective at cancelling out the discolouration on my eyelids. It’s actually inspired me to shop my stash for other correctors that might be more effective were I to use less product—I have definitely amassed quite a collection over the years.


SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner, Rose Gold (Chrome), $15 CAD

I have had my eye on SUVA Beauty, a Canadian cosmetics brand created by artist Shaina Azad. I’ve seen amazing things on Instagram from people using the SUVA Beauty Hydra Liners. This innovative product packs some serious pigment. These liners come solid in a plastic screw top container, and are activated with a wet brush. Once mixed with water, the liquid texture makes these super easy to apply, and the pigmentation? I can hardly believe my eyes. I wish I picked up a more wearable colour as well! When dry, the liner doesn’t budge (though it’s not waterproof) and they are really easy to layer. I am not very skilled in the winged liner department, yet this formula gave me the ability to go back and rework/correct lines without disturbing the product already applied.


The colour is difficult to capture in a picture since it’s a chrome finish. Here it’s pictured next to a swatch of the NYX Dark Circle Concealer.

One mega bonus about the format of this product is that you don’t have to worry about it drying out, since it’s already in a dehydrated form.


Royal & Langnickel Moderna M77TS, $4 CAD (found at Deserres)

Do you ever shop for makeup brushes at an art supply store? I found this amazing “bent liner” brush on my last visit to Deserres, and I was shocked to see it was only $4!

Bent liner brushes really help me navigate my lashes when applying liquid and gel liner. This super fine synthetic brush ensures remarkable precision for a sharp wing. Using it with a smooth, liquidy product like the Hydra Liners was a dream combo.


Colourpop Crème Gel Liners, $5 USD each

I’m not too hot for Colourpop. I’ve tried a bunch of their products and I just don’t reach for any of them. Their eyeshadows are difficult to work with, their original liquid lipsticks are a pain to apply and wear, and let’s not forget that for Canadians, they’re not that affordable.

When Colourpop had a flash sale last month (20% off the entire site), I decided to give a few new(ish) products a try.

These crème gel pencils glide so easily across the lid or waterline and are very pigmented. They also have extreme lasting power—this is the first liner in a long time that I’ve had trouble removing (the last one being Marc Jacobs’s Highliner Gel Eye Crayons).

These are not the best swatches, because this was taken after I tried rubbing them off with a tissue before realizing I hadn’t actually managed a good photo of them when I was shooting. They do not budge! Top to bottom: Brew-Haha, Best O, Puppy, Honey Dude.

I bought four colours – Honey Dude (nude), Brew-Haha (dark brown), Best O (deep burgundy), and Puppy (bright orange). So far I’ve used Brew-Haha the most, but I’m impressed with the formula on all of these. I do wonder, however, whether the pencil will dry out and become more difficult to use over time. (If you’re wondering, the crème gel colour pots are not the same formula. I picked up Punch and it’s completely unusable).


What products have you been loving this month?

What do you think?

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