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Best Balms

L-R: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil, Supergoop AcaiFusion Lip Balm.

No matter the season, I make sure to have nourishing lip balms on hand to ensure my lips stay smooth and moisturized throughout the year. Here are the three heroes that keep my lips from getting chapped in the dry winters and hot summers.

First, the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask ($30 CAD). I use this every night before I go to bed as part of my evening skincare routine. This mask is thick and really stays put; I can still feel it on my lips after a full night of sleep.

The major downside of this product is the packaging. Its tube does not include an applicator, so I squeeze some product onto my finger and apply to my lips. The opening is too small to dispense the thick product easily — it gets better with use but for the first little while, it is really hard to get the product out, especially if its stored in a cool spot. If you have any issues with your joints in your hands, forget this — you’ll find it impossible to use.


The upside? This mask is incredibly effective, and has a pleasant smell (and taste). Applied overnight, this really stays. But used throughout the day, it remains comfortable on the lips and never gets tacky or crumbly. I’d say it has a demi-gloss finish; it definitely has a bit of shine but doesn’t look thick or slippery.

The price is steep, but you get a lot of product. With daily use my first tube lasted me almost a year!

Next up, the Supergoop AcaiFusion Lip Balm ($13 CAD). This is a fairly recent discovery for me. I’d heard some buzz about it online, and when I happened upon it at Anthropologie on Queen Street West I decided to give it a try. I love this one for its easy application — remove the cap, squeeze out some product, and apply to lips with the built in applicator. It’s great to keep in your purse to have on hand for no-fuss application throughout the day.

This balm is sweet and fruity, and offers decent broad spectrum protection with an SPF of 30. Did you know? It is recommended that you apply lip balm twice to get the stated level of protection.

Finally, the Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil ($25 CAD). I picked this up in Honey (it also comes in Raspberry and Red Berry, both of which appear to have a tinted formula).


I’ve been enjoying this balm — especially the packaging. The luxe bottle looks amazing with the golden balm inside, and the oversized doe-foot applicator is perfect for quick application.

The flavour and scent on this leaves a bit to be desired. I can definitely smell the honey, but there’s also a synthetic smell that peeks through. There also isn’t a whole lot of product in this container (just .01 oz. compared to the .52 oz. in the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask and the .5 oz. in the Supergoop tube). Using it a few times per day for a week seems to have emptied about a quarter of the bottle — yikes.

This balm has a fairly liquid consistency, but it is thick enough to stick on the lips and, like the Bite mask, doesn’t ever feel gritty or sticky.

How are you keeping your lips protected this summer? Leave a note in the comments below.

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