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Disappointing Shopping Experience – PÜR Cosmetics


When Ebates had their amazing 15% off deal last month, I jumped on the chance to try out a couple of beauty retailers that I had never ordered from before. PÜR Cosmetics was definitely at the top of my list — their Moonlight Glow Strobe Palette was calling my name. I ordered the strobe palette and a limited edition correcting primer (which is no longer listed on the PÜR site).

Despite my high hopes, shopping on the PÜR website left a lot to be desired and, sadly, so did their products.

Canadians should keep in mind that while PÜR does ship to Canada (and rather quickly at that) their prices are listed and processed in US dollars. Shoppers Drug Mart carries PÜR, but in my experience selection is pretty limited unless you go to a location with a full prestige Beauty Boutique. Otherwise I’ve never seen the brand take up much more space than an endcap.

I’ll cut right to the chase: if you’re interested in PÜR Cosmetics products, try before you buy, and then buy them at Shoppers. I would have passed on everything I purchased had I swatched them in stores or had a chance to see the packaging.

Shopping Experience

The PÜR shopping experience lacks some of the functionality that makes shopping at other beauty retailers seamless and easy. My order confirmation didn’t tell me anything about my order. I for one like to see a detailed receipt in my inbox.



When I received my package, I was thrilled to see a promo code for 15% off my next order. Since Ebates was still offering 15% cash back, I decided it might be a good opportunity to pick up an Eye Polish since I had trouble finding them in stores (and forgot about them when I ordered the first time!)

Moments after I placed my order, I got an email saying my payment was declined, and to call customer service to sort it out. I figured I must have entered my card number incorrectly, since there’s no reason for it to be declined otherwise — I decided to leave it be and save my money.

A week and a half later I was reviewing my credit card statement, and lo and behold — there was a second charge from PÜR. There was no package in sight (my first order arrived within a couple of days), I never received any kind of order confirmation or shipping notice as I had with my previous order. What was going on?

I emailed customer service and informed them of this erroneous charge. I was told that the message about my order being canceled was an error, and that my order was currently in transit. THEN, a day later, I received a shipping confirmation.

Whether this was shady or an honest mistake, I’ll never know — either way, these were the kinds of blunders you’d risk while online shopping in 2006, not 2016.

The Products

The strobe palette is packaged beautifully. I love the sleek compact and that it includes a mirror. These are cream highlighters, and unfortunately each shade is very glittery and none of the colours work for me. The formula is smooth and blends to a powder finish, but once blended the pigment is just about imperceptible. If you like the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Powders, which I find to be quite glittery, you may like these cream highlighters

Next, the colour correction primer. When I opened this up, there was a ton of product inside the lid, and a lot of dried product around the opening. It looked like it had been opened and/or used. I emailed customer service with a picture, specifically asking if this product normally comes with a safety seal. Even without a safety seal, though, the only way for product to end up around the opening and cap like this is if the tube was actually opened and resealed. I was a little grossed out.


I was surprised that customer service didn’t have any issue with the condition in which my product was received, literally asking me, “Is there something wrong with the primer?” I wasn’t about to put a product that appeared to be used all over my face.

The more bizarre thing about this product, however, is that it includes an alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA. AHAs are photosensitive, which means they can cause damage to your skin when exposed to the sun. When using AHAs as part of your skincare routine, it is always recommended to use a broad spectrum sunscreen. For the life of me, I can’t understand why a primer would include this ingredient.

I received my “cancelled” order a few days after inquiring about it with customer service. I ordered an Eye Polish in Silk, and the Hydrafluid Water Serum Foundation.

Both products are disappointing.

A recent post on /r/MakeupAddiction asked what products you love but can’t stand the packaging. I answered, PÜR Eye Polish. The actual product is great. It applies smoothly, stays shiny, and doesn’t crease. I love that it does triple duty as a base, shadow, or top coat. The colour is spectacular — perfect for a dewy, natural look. But I cannot get the product out of this pot!

The Eye Polish comes with a silicone brush that should, in theory, make it easy to use this product. I just could not pick up enough product. I tried using my fingers, but my nails were too long to get in there. I literally cut my nails short in the interest of using this product with more ease, but it didn’t help.

Just look at this beautiful swatch, also, hi self tanner

Love the product. Hate the packaging.

Finally, the Hydrafluid foundation. It offers absolutely no coverage, it’s difficult to blend, and it settles into every pore and fine line on my face. Not to mention, the colour Light is about two shades too dark for my ~NC25 skin.

Overall, I’ll stick to purchasing PÜR from Shoppers, if any products ever catch my eye (In fact, I did just buy the Glow Together bronzer, which is incredible — this buttery bronzer comes in an oversized compact with a huge mirror, and I just love that you can customize the finish with its matte and shimmer bricks.)

I mean...
I mean…

I think the situation regarding my canceled order was super shady, and given that I was disappointed with everything I ordered, I don’t think I will take the risk of using the PÜR website again. Two orders, two emails to customer service, neither were resolved to my satisfaction. (For the record, the only other time I’ve contacted a brand’s customer service department is when I received broken crème gel liners from Colourpop. They were immediately replaced.)

Have you tried any PÜR products that will change my mind? Let me know in the comments below!

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