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Review – Boxycharm in Canada

Boxycharm Canada Review

UPDATE: Click here to read my 6-month review of Boxycharm. 

When I posted last month about Boxycharm coming to Canada, I wasn’t convinced that subscribing to the beauty box was worth it. But so many people have ended up on Plateau Beauty searching for information on the Canadian Boxycharm experience — I decided to sign up so that I could post a review of the service.

This isn’t a review of products in the box, since for the purposes of this post, the particular products are irrelevant — this review is for Canadian customers who may be considering subscribing to the Boxycharm beauty box.

The Facts

Boxycharm is a subscription beauty box that delivers four to five full-size beauty products per month. To the excitement of many Canadians who have longingly watched unboxing videos on YouTube, it was recently announced that Boxycharm would start shipping to Canada.

For Canadians, boxes are $21 USD per month, plus $5 for shipping. With the current exchange, that works out to be about $34 CAD for each box (my credit card was charged $34.30). Volume discounts are available when you commit to more monthly boxes upfront, but keep in mind that if you choose to cancel your subscription, it will cancel at the end of the cycle for which you signed up and not necessarily the next month. No matter how many boxes you commit to, all subscriptions automatically renew, a practice I generally find to be annoying.

I haven’t yet tried to cancel my Boxycharm service, but since a giant “Cancel Subscription” button is visible when I go to edit my subscription, I’m hoping it’s a breeze. I can’t even tell you what a nightmare it was to cancel my ipsy subscription.

My Experience

I decided to order a single month box, so that I had some flexibility about continuing or canceling.

I signed up on June 14, and received a shipping notice with a tracking number ten days later on June 24. Boxycharm uses DHL for shipping, and I believe it is passed off to Canada Post once it crosses the border into Canada. On one hand this is great because Canada Post will leave the box on your doorstep, but on the other hand, you don’t receive any tracking updates once your box arrives in Canada. You’ll get an update saying it’s arrived in the destination country, and then nothing until it’s delivered. I received the box on June 30. (A Canada Post strike is looming; I recently received a message from Boxycharm acknowledging the strike and indicating that they would not be charging for the July box until the potential for a strike passes and/or the strike ends).

Because I ordered so late in the month, I knew what products I would receive in the June box. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to get an OFRA liquid lipstick in Pasadena instead of the LVX nail polish. I’m not mad, since I don’t really care for nail polish anyway. This substitution worked in my favour this time, but I do wonder whether other products might have been substituted in other subscribers’ boxes. (The card that came with the June Boxycharm says this is a full size OFRA liquid lipstick, but the packaging is not the same as the other OFRA liquid lipsticks that I own.)

On that note, the enclosed card that details all of the items and their retail value is a nice addition. The card includes a #boxytip for each item, but these are just silly. They either reiterate the instructions printed on a product’s packaging or deliver obvious, generic instructions. For the OFRA liquid lipstick, the #boxytip reads: “For best results, moisturize lips then sweep colour on using the doe-foot-applicator.” Well gee thanks.

Boxycharm definitely has great value, objectively speaking. The products in the June box retail for over $140 USD combined, so paying $34 CAD per month is a “good deal.” However, after a few months you just end up accumulating products that you don’t need, want, or use, even though there are surely some winners in the bunch.

I’ve decided to order the July box as well, and then cancel after that (I figure I should experience the surprise factor for at least one month). I may decide to order future boxes depending what’s in them, but overall, a random selection of products each month just does not suit my habits.

Boxycharm delivers great value for sure, but for me moderation is key.

Will you sign up for Boxycharm? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Marie-France

    Thank you for your post on receiving Boxycharm in Canada! Their website says that the cost of the box and shipping cost to Canada (which you said was approximately $34 CAD) does not include any of the duties or customs fees. I was wondering if you were charged any of these fees in addition to the $34 CAD?

      • Marie-France

        Okay great! Follow-up question… In your post on May 31st 2016, you said you subscribed to Luxe for a year. I have never heard of this company before. Do you recommend it more than Boxycharm?

        • plateaubeauty

          Hmm, that’s hard to say. The LuxeBox was really good – I loved that it was seasonal instead of monthly. But most of the products were deluxe samples or from brands I’d never heard of. Most of what I got in those boxes I never use. I’ve only ever received one Boxycharm box, and I do think it has better value than LuxeBox (based on the one I received). Hope that’s helpful!

          • Marie-France

            It is helpful, thank you! Your site is really beautiful by the way, I will continue to come see what you post 🙂

  • Laura

    My daughter bought the December box and gave it to me as a gift. I really like it and I am ready to subscribe. I was going to subscribe for 12 months; however, I think I will take your advice and only order it for a few months. Good advice!

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