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Ordering Online from Camera Ready Cosmetics


There are a few professional makeup brands—along with a handful of cult favourites—that can be tricky to get in Canada. I placed an order with Camera Ready Cosmetics in order to share my experience with ordering to Canada with you.

I was after the RCMA No Color powder, just like everyone else, after KathleenLights recommended it on her channel as an amazing translucent powder for people with dry skin (hi).

I’ve seen Camera Ready Cosmetics recommended for Canadian shoppers because it lists prices in Canadian dollars, taking the guesswork out of foreign exchange conversions and surprising exchange rates. Shipping rates also seem reasonable; I paid $7 USD.

The RCMA No Color powder can also be purchased from Beautylish, which offers free shipping to Canada on orders over $35. Just keep in mind that prices are listed in USD.

The big bonus with Camera Ready Cosmetics, however, is their amazing selection of pro products AND the fact that you can order samples of many items. I decided to pick up the RCMA No Color powder, Ben Nye Rose Petal Luxury Powder, and Ben Nye MediaPro Contour Poudre in Neutral.

Though prices are displayed in Canadian dollars, my order confirmation listed the prices in US dollars. It didn’t occur to me at the time to note my order total in my browser, since I assumed the order confirmation/receipt would reflect the same information. Yet I suspect there may be a slight difference between the amount in Canadian dollars that was indicated in my cart when checking out, versus what was actually charged to my card. (I have no idea how Camera Ready Cosmetics accounts for exchange rates, but slight variations are normal). Nonetheless, the ordering process was completely smooth and hassle-free.


The Cons

Now comes the downside of ordering from Camera Ready Cosmetics. The package took 4 weeks to arrive. I have heard from others that their packages arrived quickly, but that was not my experience. The website does warn that international orders can take 10-20 business days to process, and I definitely received it within that timeframe. Four weeks for shipping is just not reflective of my typical experiences in ordering items from the US. This is definitely not a deal breaker—I’d happily wait longer—but the competition does seem to have a better grasp on fast shipping for low (or no) rates.

Yes, I waited a while, but my items arrived safely packaged in a small box—there was no risk of anything getting damaged here.

Camera Ready Cosmetics has a super reasonable return policy: unused makeup can be returned for a store credit or refund; used makeup can be returned within 30 days for store credit (maximum 10 items per year); Camera Ready Cosmetics does not cover return shipping costs.

I definitely recommend shopping at Camera Ready Cosmetics for hard-to-find brands.

Some alternatives if you’re still not sold: If you’re in Toronto or Ottawa, you can check out Malabar for brands like Ben Nye and Mehron. You can also order online from StudioFX; prices actually seem amazing though I can’t speak to the ordering or customer service experience. And of course, if it’s RCMA you’re after, Beautylish is always a great shopping spot.


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