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Best Empty Palette – Freedom Makeup #ProArtist


If you’ve ever asked yourself why Z Palettes are so expensive, or why there aren’t many empty magnetic palette options on the market, this post is for you. I recently discovered an incredibly beautiful, sturdy, and practical empty palette that comes at a fraction of the price of other cardboard magnetic palettes.

It took me a while to warm to customizable palettes, since they always seemed a little messy and unruly. I finally bit the bullet when I decided to try Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and I’ve been sold on the idea of making custom palettes ever since. They’re perfect for travel, obviously, but being able to rearrange your eyeshadow singles (and other pan products) on a whim is an oddly satisfying endeavour. I haven’t gotten in to depotting my makeup, but I do love the flexibility and affordability of buying single pans knowing I have the empty magnetic palettes to put them in.


Freedom Makeup #ProArtist Empty Palette

Freedom Makeup (from the creators of Makeup Revolution) offers an incredible empty magnetic palette, and I have nothing but pros:

  • compact size (without being miniscule)
  • affordable ($9 CAD!!)
  • sturdy plastic packaging
  • lays flat when open

This palette is basically a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette, with a magnetic base instead of an insert for shadows. It measures 9.5cm x 17.5cm and fits 8 #ProArtist contour/highlight/blush pans or 18 eyeshadow pans. I cannot say enough good things about the huge mirrors contained in these palettes. Some might prefer the clear window as you’d find on a Z-Palette, since you can see what you’ve put inside. But when it comes to travel especially, I already know what’s inside, since I customized the palette myself — I’d much rather have a mirror so that I can easily put my makeup on wherever the best lighting is (somehow, it’s never in the bathroom).

Some contour, highlight, and shadow pots for scale. The contour and highlight shadows are also from Freedom Makeup; the eyeshadows are Coastal Scents hot pots.
Some contour, highlight, and shadow pots for scale. The contour and highlight shadows are also from Freedom Makeup; the eyeshadows are Coastal Scents hot pots.

Given the cost for shipping to Canada ($20 CAD) it might not be worth it to order this palette alone. If you’re thinking of making a purchase across other TAM Beauty brands, add this product to your cart. I regret not buying a few more!


    • Marissa June

      I’m so torn about depotting! It makes sense as a space-saving measure but I’m too attached to original packaging. Next time I order from Makeup Revolution I am definitely buying more of these empty palettes. Even with the shipping cost they’re cheaper than a Medium or Large Z-Palette.

  • Kris

    Hi, this palette looks great! I been looking for one with mirror and the measurements fit my bill. Are you able to measure the empty palette weight? Thanks!

  • Heather

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I have been eyeing up these empty palettes for ages. I have literally 4 just sitting in my cart. I always hesitate about getting them cause I worry about duty and shipping cost…

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