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September Favourites


Thank goodness September is over. Juggling life and work this month was hard. With my husband away on business and my own work schedule apparently on steroids, the time I normally spend attending to my personal life and hobbies (such as trying new products and writing this blog) was in short supply. I turned to many of my old standbys most days, so this list of favourites isn’t too long. Shopping my stash seemed to be the primary method for (re)discovering products that found their way into my daily routine.

The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% ($10 CAD)


The Ordinary is a new line from Deciem, and seems to have an extensive array of active serums for seriously unbelievable prices. I bought a few online and have making my way through testing them to see which ones fit best into my routine. I started with the Advanced Retinoid 2%, and while I haven’t been using it long enough to post a full review, I’m always pretty excited to find active-ingredient skincare that A) is affordable and B) doesn’t have irritating fragrances and dyes. (I’ll never understand why high-end skincare brands use heavy fragrances in their supposedly non-irritating formulas).

I patch tested this formula for a few days and decided to go ahead with it. So far, so good — it doesn’t irritate my skin, and its lightweight formula smooths over the skin easily. I also love that the brand posted a regimen guide to help you choose which targeted serums to use and in which order to apply them.

Ordering online was a breeze, and shipping was free. I received my package within a few business days.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipliner ($15 CAD)


It appears impossible for Canadians to shop for GOSH online, so I’m not sure if I’m quoting the price quite right. I know I bought mine on sale for $10 each at Shoppers last year. In any case, these are a year-round staple for me. I’ve been reaching for them constantly when I’m after an MLBB shade to perk up my daily look. Chocolate Kiss, Angel Kiss, and Nougat Crisp get a lot of love; I rotate through them fairly regularly. Chocolate Kiss and Angel Kiss are matte in texture but have a slight (and I do mean slight) metallic sheen, and Nougat Crisp is totally matte. Opaque coverage, smooth application, and waterproof — can’t ask for much more in a lipliner.

Chocolate Kiss, Angel Kiss, Nougat Crisp

Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner in Chocolate ($8 CAD)



I’ve been loving the soft, smoky effect of tightlining with this brown liner. It’s smooth to apply and has surprising lasting power. I’ve also been using it to create an effortless, blended out liner when I’m looking for a little bit of depth but don’t have time for precision. These liners have been on sale for $5 for some time – scoop ’em up before all the good colours are gone!

RCMA No Color Powder ($16 CAD)


September featured lots of long days and late nights, so extending the wear of my makeup was key. I turned to the RCMA No Colour Powder to set my T-zone and under my eyes. The hype for this powder is real: expect a creaseless, airbrushed finish. I use my e.l.f. Highlighting brush to press it under my eyes, and dust lightly everywhere else.

Though you get a ton of product for an extremely reasonable price, the packaging is a little awkward. You can depot it into a more user-friendly sifter pot, but I don’t mind tipping the bottle upside down before opening the cap and using what’s transferred to the lid, like so:


It’s plenty for under the eyes. Repeat as desired.


With the VIB sale coming up in November, I think I’ll save my pennies and shop my stash throughout October (I can never seem to commit to a strict no-buy, but I do want to indulge come November. A little restraint now means more fun later). Expect my favourites next month to feature more rediscoveries!

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