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Monthly Favourites

September Favourites


Thank goodness September is over. Juggling life and work this month was hard. With my husband away on business and my own work schedule apparently on steroids, the time I normally spend attending to my personal life and hobbies (such as trying new products and writing this blog) was in short supply. I turned to many of my old standbys most days, so this list of favourites isn’t too long. Shopping my stash seemed to be the primary method for (re)discovering products that found their way into my daily routine.

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October 3, 2016

August Favourites – Travel Picks


The air of nostalgia, so typical of August’s end, struck me more than usual this year. My husband and I spent the weekend in Montreal — our first visit since we lived there three years ago. I admit to being overly sentimental the entire time, as we passed the landmarks where so many memories were made. I couldn’t help myself! It’s a spectacular city, it felt like fall, and our visit reminded me of how much I loved my life there despite having been eager to move back to Toronto. I vow to visit again before another three years pass.

My August favourites are almost entirely composed of old standbys, which seems appropriate for this time of year. These favourites often get pushed aside day to day as I test out new products, but once a makeup bag gets packed for travel (as it did a few days ago), the real go-tos emerge.

Before I jump into the longtime favourites, let me tell you about a couple of new additions, which I can confidently say will be longtime favourites in a few months’ time.

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September 6, 2016

July Favourites: Grass Is Greener Edition


I can’t remember the last time I was in the US for long enough to visit Target and Ulta, so you can imagine my glee when my family decided to take a road trip to Chicago to visit my cousins whom we hadn’t seen since my wedding almost three years ago. In the intervening years, Target has come and gone in Canada; Shoppers Drug Mart has begun stocking NYX, and the brand has opened a number of standalone stores. H&M Beauty has massive displays in flagship locations, Toronto has its own MUJI, which carries lovely skincare staples and beauty accessories. Yet it’s still near impossible to get certain coveted brands and items in Canada.

I, uh, went a lil ham, but… when in Rome. Before my trip, I researched the most recommended items from brands I knew to be difficult to get in Canada, like Sonia Kashuk, Pixi, and Laura Geller. Despite having a specific list of things to look for, I couldn’t resist a few impulse buys, and good thing — they ended up being my favourite items from my US haul. Here they are!

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August 1, 2016